Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chapter 7: Adrian

God, she's beautiful, thought Adrian as he drank in the sight of Shae in her lingerie.

"See something you like?" she smirked.

"Hmm..." he pretended to deliberate. "I think I need a closer look," he said as he swiftly pulled her into his arms.

She gave a squeak of surprise before pushing Adrian onto the bed and gaining the upper-hand.


A while later, Adrian lay in bed listening to Shae's soft breathing. He was glad they'd finally had some much needed time to themselves. Ever since Clementine was born, both he and Shae had been so busy between work and caring for the baby, they'd hardly seen each other. Now that Clementine was a toddler, they had a bit more time on their hands.

Adrian sighed. He'd been disappointed that he'd missed his daughter's birthday. It had happened in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. Devon, whose bedroom was close to Clementine's, had heard her cries and gone to investigate.

He'd been the only one to witness her metamorphosis. 

While it was clear he cared for his baby sister, he hadn't been too pleased about the three a.m. wake-up call, as he informed Shae and Adrian the next day.

I hope Devon is having a good time at prom tonight, thought Adrian as his eyelids began to droop. He deserves it. 


"Adrian! Wake up!" It was the utter panic in Shae's voice that caused him to bolt upright.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Devon; he never came home last night!" It was clear that Shae feared something horrible had happened to her son.

"Have you tried calling the Starks? Maybe he and Lily crashed at a friend's place for the night. You know how those after-parties can be." Adrian suggested, logically.

"I haven't done anything; as soon as I saw he wasn't in his room or answering his phone, I came to wake you," she said. "I don't think he'd do something like that without letting me know though," she continued. "He's not rebellious like I was at that age."

Nevertheless, she wasted no time in giving Lily a call.

"Hello?" Lily's voice crackled over the speakerphone. It sounded like the teen had the mother of all hangovers.

"Lily, it's Shae. Devon never came home last night. Is he with you?"

"No, Mrs. S. Last night is kind of fuzzy. The last thing I remember before waking up in bed just now, is dancing with Dev at Howl after the prom ended."

Adrian's heart dropped.

"Oh. I see. Please let me know if you hear from him." Shea sounded so disheartened as she hung up. 

She turned turned to Adrian. "Adrian, I can't explain it but I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something is wrong, I know it."


Adrian surveyed Howl. In his opinion, it looked more like a run-down shack than a club, but he guessed that was part of its appeal with the younger generation. Sighing, he made his way through the door.

Once inside, he immediately headed towards the bartender on duty. He and Shae had decided that since the police refused to search for Devon until twenty-four hours had passed, they would do some investigating of their own. Shae was back at the house in case Devon returned. She was also trying to get in touch with all of Devon's friends. Adrian's job was to question the employees at Howl to see if they remembered anything.

The bartender looked up. "What'll it be?"

Adrian pulled out a photo of Devon. "Please tell me if you've seen this boy. He was here last night with a pretty blonde. He never came home."

The bartender frowned, "Look, sir. I wish I could help, but we don't serve minors here."

Adrian clenched his fists. "I'm not the police, goddammit!" he said angrily. "My son is missing, and so help me, if you know anything and don't tell me I'll make sure you live to regret it!" Adrian was not apt to lose his temper or to make threats, but the thought of something happening to Devon because this idiot didn't want to admit they served minors— well, it made his blood boil.

The bartender sighed. "I could lose my job for this, but I do remember your boy. Bought a couple drinks for himself and his girlfriend. Last I saw, they went downstairs to dance. The girl ran out of here like a bat out of hell a few hours later, but I never saw your kid leave."

Adrian thanked him and left. There really wasn't anyone else he could question. He hoped Shae wouldn't be too distraught that he hadn't been able to find out more.


When Adrian returned home, it was to find that his daughter was now a child. With Shae busy phoning everyone in her contact list, Clementine's birthday had once again gone unremarked.

"Did you find anything?" Shae asked after explaining that she'd come up with nothing from any of her contacts.

"The bartender did remember seeing them. Apparently, Lily left in a rush but he doesn't recall seeing Devon leave," Adrian explained.

Shae's face fell. "Dammit. I don't know what else to do. My baby's missing, and I'm useless."

"Don't say that," Adrian said as he wrapped her in a hug. "We've done everything we possibly could. Tomorrow the police will get involved and I'm sure they'll find him."

"No need for that," said a voice behind them.

It was Devon.

Or at least it had been Devon.The boy that stood before them now had glowing eyes and pale skin. And, Adrian suspected, no pulse.

But Shae didn't notice. All she saw was her son. "Oh, Devon!" she said, squeezing him tightly. "We were so worried about you! Where have you been?" 

She pulled back and looked up into his luminous eyes. Her mouth fell open. "Oh my God! Devon...You're a...a—"

"I believe the word you're looking for is vampire," interrupted an unfamiliar voice.

The most beautiful man Adrian had ever seen stepped into the room.

"Luc!" Shae gasped before her knees gave way.

Faster than Adrian's eyes could track, the man caught Shae before she hit the floor and lifted her into his arms.

Adrian frowned. Whoever this stranger was, he didn't like him.


  1. In Shae's defence... he really is beautiful. I'd leap into his arms any day.

    Oh right. Chapter was awesome. Clementine is really cute, love her hair. And Devon looks AWESOME as a vampire.

  2. Agreed with Cece! He's such a hunk, I want him!

  3. Interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing where all this is heading.

  4. Haha, I'll admit Luc's physical appearance was created for the sole purpose of inducing drool. XD

    @yangthecat: I made the last two chapters a bit vague on purpose, but I promise all will be revealed in chapter 8!

  5. Ooh, ooh!! I think I know who he is!! And Devon. Wow.

    Though I would still take Adrian any day.