Character Bios

Generation Two

Clementine Dawson
Traits: Eccentric, Hydrophobic, Insane, Neat, Natural Cook
LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Zodiac: Aries
Favorites: French, Goopy Carbonara, Violet
Bio: Clementine is a bit of an odd duck. She's always been absolutely terrified of water and the moat which surrounds her castle is a daily trial. Despite being stuck in the past with her three younger sisters, Clementine is enjoying her much simpler lifestyle. 

Generation One

Adrian Dawson
Traits: Artistic, Charismatic, Loves Family, Lucky, Photographer's Eye
LTW: Visionary
Zodiac: Leo
Favorites: Indie, Ratatouille, Blue
Bio: Beneath Adrian's pretty boy exterior, lies the mind of an artistic genius. While clients may initially balk at his less than professional appearance, Adrian's impeccable design skills and natural charm always win them over. Tiring of his free and easy lifestyle in the big city, Adrian has finally decided to relocate to a town where he has a chance at raising the family he's always secretly dreamed of having.

Shae Dawson
Traits: Artistic, Daredevil, Flirty, Rebellious, Virtuoso
LTW: One-Sim Band
Zodiac: Scorpio
Favorites: Indie, Steak, Black
Bio: Shae loves being the center of attention so it's not surprising she took to performing onstage like a fish to water. While she's always dreamed of starting her own band and becoming a rock star, having her son unexpactedly at such a young age has forced her life down a more practical path. Still, Shae enjoys her practice sessions and occasional performances with her band, Conspiracy Advisory. And, despite the gravity of her role as a new mother, she still finds time to let her wild and rebellious side run free.

Devon Sawyer
Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Excitable, Friendly, Charismatic
LTW: Illustrious Author
Zodiac: Aquarius
Favorites: Hip-hop, French Toast, Blue
Bio: Devon has a tendency to be rather clueless. If his head isn't in a book, he's usually thinking about the plot for his next short story. Despite his utter disregard for the world around him, or perhaps because of it, he has an abundance of friends.

Clementine Dawson
Traits: Eccentric, Hydrophobic, Insane, Neat, Natural Cook
LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Zodiac: Aries
Favorites: French, Goopy Carbonara, Violet
Bio: Clementine is a bit of an odd duck. She's absolutely terrified of water which, she believes, is dangerous because it contains any number of chemicals being tested on the populace by the government and big corporations. 

Dawn Dawson
Traits: Brave, Disciplined, Technophobe, Charismatic
LTW: ???
Zodiac: Aquarius
Favorites: Rockabilly, Stu Surprise, Lime
Bio: As the eldest of the triplets, Dawn feels it's her duty to protect her younger sisters. Her responsible nature and natural charisma explain why she's taken on the role of leader of the trio.

Eliana Dawson
Traits: Friendly, Good, Coward, Charismatic
LTW: ???
Zodiac: Pisces
Favorites: Egyptian Music, Sushi, Black
Bio: Eliana always has a smile ready. A naturally happy and easy-going child, she's quick to make friends. Among the triplets, Eliana is the one who always makes sure everyone is getting along.

Leila Dawson
Traits: Eccentric, Genius, Neurotic, Bookworm
LTW: ???
Zodiac: Virgo
Favorites: Kids Music, Fish and Chips, Pink
Bio: Even as a young child, Leila was always serious and aloof. It also became readily apparent that her intelligence far exceeded her age. Not surprisingly, whenever the triplets get into or out of trouble, it's usually due to one of Leila's complicated plans.